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Free To Party

"Create events that your close friends will be at, every time"

Free To Party is a unique iPhone app that lets you create events where your close friends can vote on the best date/time and venue. We particularly love the unique design of the app, making it very different to virtually all existing apps on the App Store.

Free To Party can be used for all event types from small social gatherings to business meetings to large parties.

Simply create an event with up to 4 dates/times and up to 4 venues and your attendees can vote on what works best for them. If you only want a few of your close friends to vote, Free To Party lets you choose! When voting for a date/time, your friends can vote IN, OUT or TMA. TMA (Twist My Arm) is a term used to describe when a person can make that particular date/time but would prefer a different one.

The app has loads of features tucked away in it's super simple user interface. As Free To Party is a social media app, you can even add your friends to it and send instant messages through the app.

Free To Party works best if your friends have the app as well but if not, you can still invite them to the event.


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