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Where's Buzz

"Find Buzz to win real money in this unique iPhone app"

When Buzz, a gorgeous staffordshire terrier passed away, it was clear to Wally that something should be done to honour the memory of Buzz. As a result, we made Where's Buzz for iPhone and at Crazy Dog Apps, we are crazy about dogs so we were very pleased to create the app.

Where's Buzz is a simple app. Just find Buzz and you will win the money as stated in the app... As a winner, you are also able to select an [formally recognised] animal welfare charity for Wally to donate money to, as per the 'Donation' amount in the app.

Buzz could be on the other side of the world, in your country or even in your state or even your suburb! You get 1 free guess a day and can optionally purchase more guesses with PayPal or credit card.

Download Where's Buzz from the App Store for your chance to win thousands of dollars.

Disclaimer: Crazy Dog Apps is the developer of Where's Buzz. We are in no way associated with it other than creating the app for our client. Buzz may not be in your country, state or suburb if it isn't listed in the app.


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