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Wildlife Witness

"Endorsed by Prince William and the Australian Federal Police"

It is no secret that the Crazy Dog Apps team loves animals, it is pretty obvious just by knowing our Company name.

Today, around 12000 bears are held in bile extraction facilities across Asia and are kept in cages for years to extract bile for use in traditional medicines despite cheaper and legal synthetic alternatives. Additionally, over 97% of wild tigers have been lost in just over a century and over 60 elephants a day are poached for their ivory tusks.

We made Wildlife Witness in collaboration with the Taronga Conservation Society and TRAFFIC in an attempt to combat the significant issue of the illegal wildlife trade.

Wildlife Witness lets you report illegal trade directly from your Smartphone and makes it simple for you to watch out for wildlife and be part of the solution. It is the first global community action tool to tackle illegal wildlife trade. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Read more about it in Sydney Morning Herald.


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